Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I know this isn't technically "cooking", but it is yummy and super-easy. It's also hearty enough that it it makes a fantastic salad if you pour it over lettuce.

1 - 10 oz. pkg frozen corn
1 - 15 oz. can black beans, drain and rinse
1 green pepper chopped
1 medium red onion chopped
8 roma tomatoes chopped or 4 large tomatoes
1/2 bunch Cilantro chopped
1 c. Light Italian dressing
2-3 t. Cumin
2 avocadoes
2-3 t. chili powder
salt and pepper to taste

Mix dressing, cilantro, cumin, and chili powder together in a large bowl
Add vegetables and stir to coat
Add salt and pepper as desired
Serve with tortilla chips

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K.J. and Macie Stratton said...

I am a huge fan of this salsa. It's not spicy!